About Us

Kampung Sumber Alam, a uniquely traditional resort by “village” concept which artistically designed specialty of “Sundanese architecture” with building on the top of “balong” covered with injuk (thatched–roof) and “teras ngapung” as though represent an architecture culture of “Kampung Cipanas in Old Period”. All bungalows are facilitated with bath tub and shower, where you could enjoy to bath yourself in a natural sulphurous hot spring water from a nearby volcano, Mount Guntur.

Bungalows which are all built 0ver a fish ponds with an area of ​​2.7hectares, were designed nicely and  comfortable with a Sundanese architectural style, where as each bungalow type has a different unique interior. Certain bungalow types like Suites and Siluhur also comes with a mini swimming pool or whirlpool in addition to the existing bath tub. A Bungalow type as Siluhur even comes with showers of water as a means for the aqua medic therapy. Another facilitiy for relaxing is the pavilion / gazebo wich again comes only with the bungalow type Siluhur. All that can give you the freedom to choose the type of bungalow according to your needs.

Scenery and Environment
With views of the beautiful expanse of mountains, Kampung Sumber Alam is located in the center of the tourist area Cipanas - Garut, just at the foot of a volcano - Mount Guntur. We are continuously pursuing to be a perfect environmental friendly resort and we are very concerned about the preservation of our natural surroundings.

Relaxing Activity To Release your Weary
There are many relaxing activities to unwind you, such as:

  1. Enjoy a Natural hot spring water bath in your bathtub, at the mini swimming pool, seating soaked while enjoying the aqua medic therapy from a water fountain in your bungalow, or enjoy the natural hot spring water bath  in a special room that has been provided for you near the  Coffe House.
  2. Fishing directly from your bungalow porch has is its own fun.
  1. Assisting and caring for your beloved children swimming in the natural hot spring water outdoor pool Tasikmadu, or entertain your family at the Tegal Pangulinan play ground with a variety of challenging games like High Rope, Flying Fox, old school games (the past) could be another option, which can increase the bond of warmth and togetherness within the family.
  2. There is also a traditional activity that you can take part called Urang Cipanas Tempo Doeloe where you can do Ngala Belut (catching eel) and Ngabedahkeun balong (emptying the fish pond). This event can be done only with prior request and at an additional cost.

Or simply kickback and enjoy the view of our kampung (village). The choice is yours.

Meetings and Conferences
We also provide 5 function rooms for meetings and gatherings for business, training, social meetings or weddings. With capacities ranging from 12 to 800 people.

Last But Not Least
Enjoy a touch of warmth to our service with a typical standard of Urang Sunda with facilities and comfort as needed, which can make you enjoy your holiday or business.

The tropical foliage surrounded the area of kampung creating an atmosphere which can bring your rediscovery of yourself. Here you will find the spirit of kampung with friendly staffs who get ready to fulfill your every need with smile.


Note for Sundanese words:

    • Balong = pond
    • Kampung = Village
    • Teras ngpung = terrace build over the pond
    • Urang Sunda = Sundanese people